Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Please post the dishes you intend to bring in the comments section, so we can reduce confusion. Thanks!


Lauren said...

Great idea, Jo! :-) I was planning on making a couple of my Dutch Cranberry Apple pies. (I'll be bringing pie pans to facilitate this endeavour...) And of course whatever else I can help with. Or head up, if that is the preference.

Unknown said...

Good idea but this will only end in tears.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So lets try again

Unknown said...

Ok unknown is going to be grumpy pa

Johanna Martinez said...

* Mash Potatoes
* Homemade Egg Nog
I will of course be happy to help with the pie process, and purchasing supplies for the out of town folks well in advance of the Thanksgiving store rush.

Unknown said...

I am bringing my appetite.
And what ever I am told to bring.

Unknown said...

By the the way cute pic Lauren but I am just plain breathing fire!

Unknown said...

I will help with the turkey as much or as little as Robert wants me to.

Marks of Faith said...

I will bring:

Cranberry Sauce (my favorite dish)
Sweet Potatoes (since my family is the largest group coming)
Plus a kid friendly Thanksgiving dessert.

I will have everything cooked in advance and will bring items warm or chilled and ready to go.


Marks of Faith said...

Also, I think we certainly should spend some time contemplating our blessings and the goodness of the Lord to each of us and the family at large. P.T.P.: Praise, Thanksgiving, and Prayer should be our motto. So with that in mind I was thinking maybe we could make a Gratitude Jar (a jar full of paper that we write down various things we are thankful for and then share after the meal). Example here:

Thoughts? We could do something else too, but I thought this would be something simple that could be made in advance and set up with relative ease at Robert's. I have a jar and paper I can bring. But, if someone wants to take the time to decorate a jar in advance then just let me know! :)

What other ideas do you all have to celebrate PTP???


Marks of Faith said...

BTW: I have yet to officially hear:
1. What day does the Texas residents arrive?
2. How long will they be in Georgia?
3. What time are we planning on eating on Thanksgiving day?
4. Any other plans we need to know about?

Robert, what are our marching orders? :)


Lauren said...

I like your jar idea, Jennifer! My family always does one - it's become a tradition. We make a guessing game out of it. You put all the scraps of paper in a jar anonymously. After the meal an elected person reads the notes and we all guess the author. Pretty fun! And sometimes hilarious. Always memorable and sweet. :-)

The Nutt of Mitchamville said...

I plan to bring:

1. Green bean casserole
2. Squash casserole
3. Salad with amazing blackberry/ginger vinaigrette.

Jo, you want to combine forces on the salad, since I have the olive oilsg and vinaigrette? (That was an intentional misspelling.) ;-)

Rebecca said...

I will of course help with the pie making process and will ensure that there is stuffing, complete with wild rice, and water chestnuts. :) Plus buying ingredients for the out of town folk.

BTW Jen, love your idea about writing down things we are thankful for.