Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

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Friday, September 18, 2009

A special day in Southern Histroy

A few months ago I was reading a book, "Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War", published by Sprinkle Publication. I enjoyed it immensely, it was very interesting, though like most of that time period unavoidably sad. In September 1862 Judith McGuire, the author of the diary, recorded this proclamation by President Davis after the Second Battle of Manassas that I found particularly interesting and thought I would share. One can only wish we had politicians today that had half the faith and guts to speak like this man did 147 years ago!

"To the People of the Confederate states:

'Once more upon the plains of Manassas have our armies been blessed by the Lord of Hosts with a triumph over our enemies. It is my privilege to invite you once more to His footstool, not now with garb of fasting and sorrow, but with joy and gladness, to render thanks for the great mercies received at His hands. A few months since our enemies poured forth their invading legions upon our soil. They laid waste our fields, polluted our altars, and violated the sanctity of our homes. Around our capital they gathered their forces, and with boastful threats claimed it as already their prize. The brave troops which rallied to its defense have extinguished their vain hopes, and under the guidance of the same Almighty hand, have scattered our enemies and driven them back in dismay. Uniting those defeated forces and the various armies which had been ravaging our coasts with the army of invasion in Northern Virginia, our enemies have renewed their attempt to subjugate us at the very place where their first effort was defeated, and the vengeance of retributive justice has overtaken their entire host in a second and complete overthrow. To this signal success accorded to our arms in the East has been graciously added another, equally brilliant, in the West. On the very day on which our forces were led to victory on the plains of Manassas, in Virginia, the same Almighty arm assisted us to overcome our enemies at Richmond, in Kentucky. Thus, at one and the same time, have two great hostile armies been stricken down, and the wicked designs of our enemies set at naught. In such circumstances it is meet and right that, as a people, we should bow down in adoring thankfulness to that gracious God who has been our bulwark and defense, and to offer unto Him the tribute of thanksgiving and praise. In His hand is the issue of all events, and to Him should we in a special manner ascribe the honor of this great deliverance. Now, therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, do issue this, my proclamation setting apart Thursday, the 18th day of September, as a day of thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God, for the great mercies vouchsafed to our people, and more especially for the triumph of our arms at Richmond and Manassas, in Virginia, and at Richmond in Kentucky' and I do hereby invite the people of the Confederate States to meet on that day, at their respective places of public worship, and to unite in rendering thanks and praise to God for these great mercies, and implore Him to conduct our country safely through the perils which surround us, to the final attainment of the blessings of peace and security.
"Given under my hand and the seal of the Confederate States, at Richmond, this fourth day of September, A.D 1862
JEFF. DAVIS, Pres. of the C.S
'J.P BENJAMIN, Sec. of State"

From 'Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War. By a Lady of Virginia'
P. 153 Sprinkle Publications

Monday, June 15, 2009

A long over due post!

Sorry I have not posted since some time around 558 B.C. I think y'all are all use to my spasmodic posting by now, but I am sorry anyway! Below are the pictures from our trip to Dallas in May, hopefully there will be more post soon to come that might bring this poor neglected blog up to date!
Visiting the E. Family!

Savannah and our one and only Lil' Wrangler Joel!

Lauren, as beautiful as ever! :)

While we were up there we introduced The E. Family to Imaginiff.

Smiling Rebecca

Rebecca and I playing imaginiff
Savannah and Lauren playing Imaginiff and Savannah taking the above pictures.

Nathan helping fold laundry

The boys playing the infernal "Babylon X-box of death" as it has been lovingly named. After hours of hearing, "all the noise, noise, noise, noise" preceding from the before mentioned contraption; Lauren and I thought it might be a good idea to found the first X-box temperance society! :)
Ladies in the kitchen.

Rebecca serving sandwiches as Lauren sets the table.

Enough food for an army was needed to feed all of us.

Sweet Rebecca

Nathan rough housing with Robert

Savannah and her Guitar
The Gents playing basketball

while the ladies inside give a sigh of relief that they temporarily don't have to talk over the X-box!

A trip to the museum

The 19th and 21st Century collide!

Styling Belles
Much to our younger sisters' horror (they did not want to be embarrassed by association) Lauren and I went all out in our costumes to go to the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth.

On the way to the museum
Such darling little chipmunk cheeks!

Pretty hair

Sweet Caroline

We G.R.I.T.S proudly stand in front of a statue of Robert E. Lee

Confederate Grey

When we reached the museum we watched a really good 30 minute video on Texas' part in the War between the States. I wish they had it on YouTube so I could post it!

Calvin and I intently staring into the contents of the glass, a bit like children at a toy shop!

Some rather old but hansom uniforms!

I was surprised how small people were back in the eighteen hundreds. Most of the uniforms looked like they were for over grown boys today!

Here we have several of Gen. J.E.B Stuart's personal belongings. Spurs, watch, and even a lock of hair his wife took.

"Jine the Cavelry!"


"I have seen some handsom uniforms decked off with buttons bright,
and some that are so very gay they almost blind the sight...

of all these handsome uniforms, I will not sing today!
My song is to the soldier boy who wears the suit of grey!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! for southern boys we say,
and God bless every soldier boy that wears a suit of grey!"
Words by: Miss Carrie Bell Sinclair.

The musuem was just full of Uniforms, guns, sabres, and knick nacks and curiosities of every description!

A Keppie

The personal belongings of Charles W. Marshal

Necessary Accouterments

Bugles, Drums, and Fifes, Galore!

Fascinated and interested in something

Dragoon Sabres

An interesting fact about Terrie's Texas Rangers is that unlike most Cavelry units they rarely used sabres at all. They were generally armed with short rifles, shot guns, and multiple sixshooters a piece, and they made it their habit not to let the enemy get close enough to have to use sabres in hand to hand combat.

Soldiers' Bibles

Lauren and Johanna

Rebecca and Savannah

The Stars and Bars!

Battle worn Battle Flag.


Calvin completely engrossed with the placks next to the Texas battle flags

Here we GRITS are standing in front of a piano that was bought by Jefferson Davis for his niece.

This dress looks like it jumped right out of one of Augusta Jane Evans' novels!

The museum had a whole room full of dresses from the late nineteenth century.

Here Savanh told Lauren and I to look glum like all the ladies in the old pictures!

That's a little better!

Here Rebecca and I are shamelessly waltzing in the museum! Lauren and I of course started it and poor Rebecca was corrupted by our influence!

"They have arms and legs enough betwean them, and are the silliest girls in all England"
Mr. Bennet
Out side the museum
Our southern Mansion!

All good things must come to an end, and tis time to say goodbye again.
Adios Amigas!

Till next time!